Your fire alarm system serves as the detector, annunciator, and communicator for your building when a fire breaks out, which is why it is critical to keep it in proper working condition. Fire codes require that fire alarm systems need to be tested at regularly scheduled intervals.

Your Building’s Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems vary widely in their complexity, capability, and design.  That’s why it’s important to partner with a fire protection service provider like AAA. We will keep track of your compliance schedule, sending you a reminder when your alarms need to be checked. Then, our technicians will conduct a comprehensive review and complete any necessary repairs. Your alarm system is your first line of defense. Invest in the safety of your business and personnel by partnering with AAA Fire Protection.

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Don’t wait until you’re faced with an emerergency. Ensure your fire alarm is in working order today.

Fire Alarm System

The AAA Advantage

Unlike most fire alarm partners, we have the benefit of holding an 01-Administrators License, allowing us to replace, install, or improve your fire alarm system from start-to-finish. Our team of experienced Estimators, Project Managers and Field Technicians solve problems by designing and installing solutions. We can help 24/7, year after year, which is how we’ve become The Northwest’s Most Trusted Name in Fire Protection.


If your fire system indicates an error, or fails an inspection, we can help. We provide maintenance to ensure that your system is working and your building is protected.


Most jurisdictions require annual, if not quarterly, inspection of your fire alarm system. We conduct the testing procedure and then file your results with the appropriate regulatory agency.


Need a new fire alarm system? We will help you choose a system that complies with your local codes and fits your business needs. Contact us today for a quote on installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of fire alarm issues does AAA typically handle?

Most frequently, we fix detectors or notification appliances that are failing, control panels that have detected an issue, or general circuitry problems.

Will I be alerted if I my alarm system requires attention?

Yes. You will hear an audible alert from your fire panel. Some panels may even indicate the type and location of the problem on the LED screen.

What kind of fire alarm system should I invest in?

We recommend different fire alarm systems depending on your jurisdiction’s requirements and your business’s needs. Should you choose to work with AAA, we make specific recommendations and guide you through the selection process.

How long does fire alarm testing take?

Testing time varies depending on the size and type of fire alarm system you use. We provide estimates on a case-by-case basis.

How often do fire alarms need to be checked in Washington?

Fire alarm systems need to be checked annually, unless the building exceeds 75 ft tall. In that case, the state may require the building’s fire system to be checked quarterly.

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