Your building’s fire escape may play a critical role the event of a fire. Ensure that it is up to the task by completing your mandatory inspection with AAA Fire Protection.

Keeping Your Fire Escape in Compliance

Ideally, you’ll never have to use your building’s fire escape. But national fire code requires your fire escape be inspected every five years. In some jurisdictions, such as the City of Seattle, inspection even requires certification of structural integrity by a structural engineer. We make the inspection process easy by working with structural engineers and carrying out all the relevant tests. We’ll also contact you when it’s time to make your next inspection appointment. Partner with AAA Fire and you can rest easy that your building is up to code and ready in case of emergency.

Fire Escape

Fire escape inspections are required every five years. Stay in compliance – contact us to schedule an inspection today.

When You Partner With AAA Fire Protection

Fire Escape

Your fire escape inspection will be carried out by one or two AAA technicians and a structural engineer, if you’re in a jurisdiction where their certification is required. You can expect your inspection to take between 2 and 8 hours depending on the size of your building’s fire escape.

During inspection, our team will look for anything that might jeopardize your fire escape’s stability or load-bearing ability, such as rust, loose handrails, loose parts, dislocation from the building, missing stairs, and more.

Some jurisdictions also require that a full load test be completed. After your inspection is complete, we will file a certification of inspection on your behalf. Your escape will then be good to go until your next inspection is due – which our team will remind you of when the time comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my jurisdiction require a structural engineer?

Seattle-area buildings require that structural engineers for fire escape inspection, while Tacoma buildings do not. We will be sure to arrange for an engineer if your location requires it.

What does the load test involve?

The load test consists of placing a certain amount of weight (usually water buckets or hanging solid dead weight) on the fire escape and performing a structural review, to be signed off by the structural engineer.

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