Your building may be fully equipped with a sprinkler system. But in some cases, that may not be enough. Fire pumps are essential to fire suppression in many types of buildings.

The Importance of Your Fire Pump

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your sprinkler system is; if there isn’t enough pressure to supply the sprinklers with water, you’re in trouble. That’s why fire pumps are critical in buildings that are susceptible to low water pressure, such as factories with huge square footage or high-rise buildings. That’s why we’re committed to providing exceptional repair and inspection services to buildings that employ fire pumps.

When you partner with AAA Fire, you ensure that your fire pump will work should the time come. You’ll also be making a shrewd investment – after all, fire pumps can last 20 years if regularly tested and maintained. Whether you’re in need of an inspection ASAP or simply looking to get one thing off your plate, our certified technicians are here to help.

Fire Pump

Fire pumps are crticial to your building’s ability to suppress fires. Make sure it’s ready when the time comes.

When You Work With AAA

Fire Alarm

Fire Pump Inspections

Your fire pump may need an inspection if you notice any unusual leaks, noises, or vibrations. Our inspections typically require two technicians, and last about two hours. We’ll help identify the source of the issue and repairs that need to be made, which we can also assist with. Testing protocol is the same for all types of fire pumps, so we can handle whichever pump your building employs.

Fire Pump Repairs

If your fire pump needs a repair, we’ll send two of our certified factory-trained pump technicians to your building. However, if your fire pump is particularly small, only one technician may be required. Most repairs entail replacement of packings, bearings, or packing glands. Repairs normally take between four and six hours for our technicians to complete. We’ll then test your pump to ensure that everything is working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a fire pump necessary?

Fire pumps are required if the sprinkler’s water source does not provide water at a high enough pressure. Such is often the case in buildings that are very tall or buildings that require a large volume of water, like warehouses. Buildings that get their fire protection water supply from a storage tank at ground level may also need a fire pump.

How long should a fire pump last?

If taken care of properly, your building’s fire pump should last about twenty years. Keep in mind that regular maintenance and small repairs may be necessary to achieve this longevity.

Where do fire pumps get water from?

It varies. Some fire pumps get their water from municipal water supplies, while others tap into ponds or water tanks.

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