Standpipe inspections are required every five years. Ensure your system remains functional and in compliance at all times.

Monitoring Your Standpipe System

Standpipe systems exist to carry water from an external supply throughout a building for fire suppression. Needless to say, your standpipe system is critical. It’s important to ensure that your standpipe system will be able to carry out that function should a fire arise. And, it’s especially important to do so if your building is on the older side, with no sprinkler system to supplement your suppression efforts. At AAA Fire Protection, we will inspect your system and file your results with the appropriate regulatory agency – ensuring your building is both compliant and functional.

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Whether your standpipe is a Class I, II or III, we can handle your testing and maintenance needs.

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Standpipe Testing with AAA Fire Protection

Our process for standpipe testing is designed to make your life simple. You can expect to have two technicians at your building to conduct the test, which usually takes between three and four hours. We use a hydrostatic test to ensure that there are no leaks in the system. To be confident that your system is watertight, we check to see that the standpipe can maintain a set pressure for at least two hours. Once the test is complete, we’ll file your results with the appropriate organization or agency, and we’ll let you know when your standpipe will be due for its next test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Class I, II, and III standpipes?

A Class I is a system that provides 2 ½” hose connections to supply water for use by the fire department. Class II standpipes provide 1 ½” hose stations to supply water used primarily by trained personnel or by the fire department during initial response. Class III standpipe systems provide 1 ½” hose stations to supply water for use by trained personnel and 2 ½” hose connections to supply a larger volume of water for use by the fire department.

What kinds of standpipes does AAA Fire Protection offer testing for?

We test all kinds of standpipe systems – Class I, II and III.

Is there a difference in the testing process for each type of standpipe class?

The only difference is the pressure that the standpipe is tested to. No matter your type of standpipe, you can expect our technicians to take around 3-4 hours to complete testing.

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