Exit signs and emergency lights are a critical component of your fire safety plan.
Ensure that your building is equipped with signs to guide occupants safely outside in any emergency.

The Importance of Well-Lit Signage

Smoke from fires can make it difficult to locate building exits. In some case, building light fixtures may go out completely. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to clearly mark your building’s hallways, stairways, and exits with well-lit signs. Exit signs and their regular maintenance is also required by a number of regulatory agencies (from OSHA to your local fire codes). As experts in fire protection for over 50 years, AAA Fire Protection can install, maintain and repair your exit signs so you don’t have to worry.

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Emergency Sign Maintenance is a Requirement in All Jurisdictions..

Our Team Will Ensure Your Building is Compliant With Relevant Fire Codes and Put Your Worries to Rest.

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Exit Sign Installation With AAA Fire Protection

Installing and repairing exit signs is a relatively quick process. Only one AAA Fire technician is required, and you can expect everything to be complete in fifteen to thirty minutes. Our technicians typically perform either battery inspection tests or sign installations/replacement. However, we are also happy to discuss with you the specific needs of your building. We pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge of fire protection equipment, so feel free to ask us anything!

Our technicians handle:

  • Sign installation
  • Sign replacement
  • Annual battery inspection tests
  • Routine maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exit signs does AAA Fire provide?

We provide and install every type of sign on the market. If you have a specific sign in mind, great! We’ll get it set up for you. If not, we can make some recommendations and discuss your particular building to help you make a decision.

How much do signs cost? Installation?

Signs can cost anywhere from $75 – $150. However, installation pricing depends on a few factors: cost of the device, number of devices, and accessibility. We will be able to provide you a more accurate quote after assessing your building.

Are all exit signs lit up?

Nope! If you’re looking for a sign that isn’t illuminated, we can point you in the right direction.

Are exit signs required in bathrooms?

No, exit signs aren’t required in bathrooms. However, you should always check your local jurisdictions to know where exit signs are required, as this varies by city and state.

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