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AAA Fire Protection and its technicians hold the following licenses:

National Licenses

National Institute for Certifying Engineering Technology (NICET) Levels I, II, III.

Level I, II & III- Fire Alarm

Level I & II & III – Inspection & Testing of Water-based Systems

Level I & II & III – Water-based Systems Layout

Level I & II – Special Suppression Systems

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Certified

State Licenses

DOT Certified Cylinder Requalification Facility (Hydrotesting)

Washington State Sprinkler License FSCL3757

Technicians State Certified Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Competency

Master Electrician License MEO66A

General Contractors License AAAFIFP844PS

Electrical Contractors License AAAFIFP841N3

Plumbing Contractors License AAAFIFP777PZ

City Licenses

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Alarms

High-Rise Sequence Testing

Emergency Generators

Kitchen Suppression Systems


Smoke Control Systems

Clean Agent


Fire Pump

Fire Escape

Manufacturer’s Certificates

Fire Alarm (Silent Knight, Fire Lite)

Sprinkler (Branded)

Kitchen Suppression (Ansul, Amerex, RangeGuard, Badger)

Vehicle Suppression (Ansul)

Extinguisher (Amerex, Ansul)

Industrial (Pyrochem)