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FDC Inspections

When you require help from your local fire department, you want to be sure that your Fire Department Connection (FDC) is working properly. Working with AAA Fire Protection you will have one less thing to worry about.

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FDC Requirements

Your Fire Department Connection (FDC) is the street-level access point to the standpipe, which allows the fire department to pump extra water into your suppression system. Should you need the fire department to help your building fight a fire, it’s very important that the FDC is unobstructed and connected properly. That’s why FDC inspections are required every five years. Need to fill your inspection requirement? We can help.

Working with AAA Fire Protection

Per requirements, FDC inspection needs to be done properly. But it doesn’t have to take all day. Our inspections typically take between 15 and 60 minutes. One technician will inspect your FDC by feeding a photo-optic cable through the piping from the exterior all the way to the one-way valve. The cable will allow us to see any obstructions or missing caps (giving us an image like that at right). We’ll also test to make sure that all valves are working properly. Finally, we’ll complete and help you file certification of inspection so that you can stay in compliance with NFPA 25.

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Our story began in 1954. Family-owned and operated with headquarters in Seattle for over 60 years, we’ve grown to become a name synonymous with fire protection in the Northwest. Providing one of the most comprehensive service and product offerings in the region, backed by the largest fleet of service technicians, we stand ready.




If an FDC is missing a cap, we often find debris lodged in the piping. Sometimes these are man-made (such as trash or rocks placed by passersby) and sometimes its natural (such as bird or wasp nests). That’s why we always recommend caps for FDC openings.
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Working With AAA Fire Protection

We have been doing business with AAA Fire Protection for quite a few years. Their service techs are knowledgeable, friendly and take the time to answer questions and propose recommendations. I see no reason to change company's anytime in the future. Good service is not always easy to find so when you do, it makes life just a little bit easier.

Calene JensenClough Condos

AAA Fire Protection crew were very professional and helpful. They were on time and conducted their business with the up most class. I would recommend anyone looking for protection make sure you locate AAA Fire Protection for all you fire safety needs. Thanks AAA good looking out.

Jason LakmanNorth Hill Apartments

We've used AAA Fire Protection for longer than the 27 years I've worked here. We don't have to remember - they show up when it's time to service our fire extinguishers, replace them as needed, and make other suggestions as needed. We've been very happy with them!

Lenna Southland

I've used AAA at most of the multifamily communities I've worked at in Seattle and have been quite happy to work with their teams. The techs are always a delight to have on site, their support team members have been very helpful over the phone, and the office personnel are professional and courteous. They keep us on track with our inspections and help us to make sure our staff and residents are safe. Thanks for being great to work with!

Melissa Moore


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