Fire hydrants are critical to your last line of defense: fire fighting. Should worst come to worst, ensure that your local department can do their jobs effectively and reduce damage to your assets.

We Make Hydrant Maintenance Simple.

As experts in fire safety, AAA Fire Protection will ensure that your fire hydrants are functioning and compliant with local fire codes. We provide regular maintenance and testing, and our technicians are always happy to chat about the particular needs of your building. While we don’t install fire hydrants, we are prepared to service private hydrants in all manners necessary.

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Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Testing your hydrant is an important process, and with help from AAA Fire Protection, it’s fairly easy, too. At your testing appointment, one of our technicians will take approximately 30 minutes to assess your hydrant’s valve operation and drainage. Whatever your jurisdiction’s specific requirements, we will ensure your hydrant is up to code.

Our Testing Protocol Includes:

  • Valve Operation Testing
  • Proper Drainage Inspection
  • Flow Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fire hydrants labeled with the date of last inspection?

Yes. This makes it easy to plan your next inspection date. It’s important to adhere to the listed testing date to stay in compliance with your jurisdiction. Furthermore, it is not always possible to determine externally if your hydrant requires maintenance.

Does inspection/maintenance change depending on the type of hydrant?

There are only a few different models of fire hydrants, and maintenance and inspection does not change between models. As a result, your inspection appointment should follow the same format regardless of the type of hydrant you own.

Does AAA Fire Protection provide fire hydrant installation?

No, we only conduct inspection and maintenance services. However, we can provide referrals if you are looking to install hydrants on your property.

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