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Protect Your Kitchen – And Everything In It

All restaurant owners can agree that the worst recipe in their kitchen is a failed suppression system in the middle of a rush.  When you partner with AAA Fire Protection, you rest easy knowing your meals are protected – as are your people, assets, and income statement. Working in over 5,000 kitchens per year, our team brings expertise to installation, testing & maintenance of all major kitchen suppression systems.

Kitchen Suppression

Our Technicians have decades of experience maintaining restaurant suppression systems of every make and model.


Choose from dozens of kitchen suppression system available on the market. Our team will install your new system with the care and expertise of having worked with hundreds of systems over the years, of every make and model – from Ansul to Amerex to Range Guard.


Your kitchen suppression system requires occasional maintenance so that it is functional in an emergency situation. Maintenance performed by AAA Fire ensures this is the case, by servicing every part of the fire suppression system: piping, nozzle, link line, compressed gas, and so on.


Local fire departments typically require restaurants to test their kitchen suppression systems semi-annually. Our team will not only provide the necessary testing; we will also file a report with your local fire department. (If your facility is under jurisdiction of the state, we’ll provide the report to you.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a kitchen suppression system?

Installation costs vary depending on the specs of the entire system. Typically, installation costs somewhere between $4k and $10k.

How long does installation take?

A typical system installation takes about 16 hours for two technicians to complete. However, this is varies somewhat depending on the system and the facility in which it is installed.

How long does system testing take?

Testing typically takes between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the size of system and facility.

What do kitchen suppression systems do, exactly?

All kitchen suppression systems are designed to, in the case of fire, cut power to the range and dump a suppressive chemical on the fire. The system may also communicate to a central fire alarm panel, indicating that the suppression system has been engaged.

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