Will I receive a “report” of my inspection?

As part of our testing and inspection work, your system or apparatus receives a tag. In addition you will receive confidence test reports and/or have 3rd party reporting submitted on your behalf, for all applicable systems.

How can I be sure that my fire system was tested thoroughly and all deficiencies were reported?

Because there are often no visible queues, it’s that much more critical for you to partner with a team you trust. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and thorough, and are willing to educate you along the way.

Is AAA Fire Protection able to show me pictures of the deficiencies they listed on my confidence test report?

We are the only fire protection company in the region that has made the investment to  adopt and implement cloud-based technology to capture deficiencies visually, whereby providing our customers proof of a deficiency in conjunction with a proposal to rectify the problem, all in real-time.  Providing pictures go along way in helping our customers expedite immediate issues, and budget for long-term capital expenditures.

Does AAA serve both commercial and residential customers?

We serve multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial communities and a host of other niche industries.   We do not currently offer mobile services to the single family residential community.  Many of these customers do visit our retail counter looking to get their fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide and smoke detector, and CO2 needs met.

Where can I find information on specific fire code requirements?

Give us a call – 1-800-223-FIRE (3473).  If we can’t answer the question we will either place a call on your behalf with the local jurisdiction and or guide as to where you are likely to get your answer.

Will the same technician service my equipment each year?

Yes, technicians serve the customer on an assignment model.  We have designed this model with the goal of assigning a technician(s) to your property for all your needs, for the life of our relationship with you and the building.  This model creates continuity between AAA and our customers, and reduces ‘down time’ associated with familiarization with the building and its systems, whereby saving you money, and improving the quality of fire protection.

Do I have to keep track of my fire protection equipment testing schedule?

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), it is the owners responsibility to ensure his fire equipment is tested and inspected at specific intervals.  However, when you work with AAA Fire Protection, we take this responsibility off your plate by contacting you in advance of the due date and scheduling to do the work.

How often does my fire protection equipment need to be inspected?

Every piece of fire protection equipment has its own minimum periodic testing requirements, governed by the fire code, and enforced at the local and/or state level.  Give us a call.  We’ll walk you through your requirements.