Installation, Improvement & Retrofit

Our licensed and experienced estimators, designers, project managers, and field staff ensure your project will be completed on time and to specification and our equipment will perform properly, providing protection you can count on. We have 40 years of experience performing code-required retrofitting and installation of fire protection systems.


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our Sprinkler Service Division has the experience and take on the most challenging of pipefitting projects. From replacement of components – valves, accelerators, compressors, fittings, heads and piping – to extending coverage on an existing system, we are up to the task. We are proud to fit copper as well as CPVC and steel.

fire alarm

Fire Alarm Systems & Fire/Security Monitoring

As an 01-Electrical contractor, AAA Fire Protection can replace, install or improve fire alarm systems, field devices and monitoring apparatus, from start to finish. With every project, our licensed and experienced team of Estimators, project managers and field technicians take great care to ensure your equipment is designed to code, delivered on budget, and provides 24/7 monitored protection for years to come.

AAA Emergency Lights

Emergency & Exit (Egress) Lighting

AAA Fire Protection maintains, installs and replaces all egress lighting. Every install we perform is done with great care, ensuring your equipment performs perfectly for years to come.

fire suppression equipment

Kitchen/Restaurant Suppression

We are licensed distributor of all major kitchen suppression manufacturers, including Ansul, Badger, Range Guard, and Amerex. Our experienced team of designers and installers have made us the trusted leader in the region in the proper and aesthetically pleasing installation. Whether you own or operate a fine dining establishment, a food truck, or an industrial food processing operation, we have the product and experience to deliver.

vehicle suppresion

Vehicle Suppression

We are western Washington’s primary provider for the installation and support of vehicle suppression systems. When you say ‘AC-9 Caterpillar Dozer’, we say ‘how about an LTA-101 50/30 fire suppression system with automatic detection and actuation.’ Whether you manage a fleet of buses or a fleet of heavy industrial equipment, we have the experience to handle the job.


paint booth

Paint Booth

The installation, periodic testing and proper maintenance of paint booth cylinder suppression systems is required by local fire jurisdiction and most insurance providers for vehicle body shops and industrial painting organization. Partner in confidence with us to ensure that your system has been designed to provide complete protection and performs as promised in the event of a fire.

fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers Cabinets & Covers

AAA Fire Protection sells and installs the most dependable lines of fire extinguishers and cabinets to ensure you are up to code. From stored-pressure, cartridge-operated, handheld, and wheel cart-mounted, and everything in between.  Count upon us to help you be compliant and safe for years to come.